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"But oh, if I could only get you oceanside, to lay your muscles wide, it'd be heavenly. Oh, if I could only coax you overboard, to leave these lulling shores, to get you oceanside." -- Colin Meloy

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Sept. 3

I woke up hungry, feeling weird after way too many corn chips. We went to a Safeway where their Starbucks spills coffee all over its patrons to get tips because they are a bunch of bumbling clowns that everyone loves. It was good to have Starbucks again; I can’t believe I am typing this. Oregon has a tons of those little espresso drive-ups but they aren’t very good. There was a girl in the store -- a hipster with an Amish hat on. I have to get one of those hats. I’m sure Portland will be crawling with them. We got ingredients for trail mix only to find that the dry roasted peanuts had onion powder on them which didn’t really go with M&Ms and I didn’t really think it was a big deal, but Charlie sure did.

We went to Cape Meares and saw the Lighthouse, rocks, ate our 19th peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a table in the fog.
Then we took pictures of the gross Octopus Tree, a large Sitka spruce: "A tradition handed down by the Indians is that the eerie giant is a burial tree shaped when it was young to hold canoes of a chief's family. Such deeply-rooted lore passed from generation to generation is likely to be founded on truth, and Indian history of the area will corroborate it."

    Sea lions are like water bears. Sand dunes are like sandy bears.
    Eugene is the retarded cousin of Madison that no ones talks about.
    Charlie said his city pool sold frozen candy bars and he’d never had a Charleston Chew that wasn’t frozen.


We drove through Oceanside and other sea towns and saw a "porky pine "in the middle of the road. I kept getting text messages from K, he was sending duplicates of depressive phrases. We stopped in Cannon Beach which had artsy buildings; this place was classier than the other towns. We first went to Bill’s Tavern which we had seen on the list but almost passed up and it was pretty good 75 cent tasters and then had pints over the crossword puzzle and solved the whole thing but I don’t think it was the actual NY times puzzle. Then, on to the actual beach that has the Haystack Rock and Charlie decided to body surf and he was the only one in the water -- the only one in the whole ocean, I‘m pretty sure. It was freezing.
On to Portland! There was some weird traffic and we crossed the bridge too soon but then did find our hostel. I was expecting another hippie place, but this place was gorgeous. It even smelled like Europe. I could just hang out here!
We started walking to find a brew pub of course. Ugh. We found Brewer’s block and nothing else. Stopped in Powells to look up breweries and found one called Tug Boat but it was closed. So we wandered toward the water, noting how small the city was and loving it. We walked past a dog place called “Virginia Woof Dog Daycare.” Only in Portland.

We came randomly to a place called Shanghai Tunnel which satisfied Charlie’s need for a cheap Rainier beer and it was quite hipster, but not enough people there or microbrews. So we then happened to wander into the most hipster bar in Portland called The Tube. We put on our most comfortable tattoos to be like everyone else. They had cheap vegan happy hour which was pretty good, reminding me of Comet or Palomino in Milwaukee. A TV show was on in front of us and Charles said, “Oh, this show is great. I saw an episode once, it’s called “Freaks, Geeks, and Weirdos.” It was Freaks and Geeks. Ahem. I’ve watched the whole series, years ago. Charlie apparently saw one episode, funny.

We had Mirror Pond or something from Deschutes and then left and met this messed up kid who was mesmerized by the Care Bears the window of a vintage toy store and followed him past Crystal Ballroom to a bar where we found this man named George who reminded me of the actor father on I Capture the Castle. We talked to him for quite a while and I drank water and we walked back toward the hostel to 21st street which seemed pretty cool and came to a Blue Moon pub which proved to be quite fun even after we found out it was McMennamins. Oh well. We ate hummus and talked about bad movies and music with the bartender. When anyone talks about why Portland is great they always say “I love it because it’s so small.” I agree that it is wee and I want to experience more of its diminutive-sized charm.


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